Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Drug Rehab Warns Against Opiate Addiction

There are many forms of substance addiction. Addiction in any form, of course, should be a cause for raised concern. There are increased risks however that stem from opiate addiction. Unlike forms of stimulant addiction, opiates run a greater risk of overdosing. For opiate addiction, there is drug rehab. There is a process of detoxification and treatment to reduce the influence and the withdrawal affects cause by opiates. Most cases of opiate addiction can not be overcome without some form of treatment or drug rehab.

Opiates, also referred to as narcotics, are pills and powders derived from the Chinese poppy plant. Many opiates are based in the natural byproduct of this plant, morphine. The majority however are derivatives of morphine and other synthetic substances. Opiates include heroin, and prescription drugs containing morphine, codeine, and synthetics like oxycodone or hydrocodone. Opiates are depressants. They slow the functions of the central nervous system. When introduced to the brain, opiates create a sensation of euphoria (pleasure) and block pain receptors. The ability to block pain has made these prescription drugs valuable pain relievers. However, the rush of euphoria is often the key reason behind abuse and addiction problems.

Heroin is the most infamously known of the opiates. Heroin is primarily taking through snorting or intravenous injection. It is taken in this manner because then the affects of heroin are almost instant. This also increases the addictiveness of the drug. In no time at all, a person can become chemically dependent to heroin. It gets to the point where the body can suffer physically when heroin is not present in the system. Increases in consumption can result in an overdose. Depressants slow down the functions of the body and brain. Heroin overdose oftentimes ends with respiratory failure. Breathing is slowed to the point where it just stops entirely. Heroin addiction cases require lengthier detoxification and a more intensified addiction treatment program.

The newer problem rising from opiate addiction is based in prescription medications. Abuse cases have risen over the past fifteen years by several hundred percent. Prescription drugs have evolved to the point that many of them use a synthetic makeup of chemicals and not morphine itself. These are classed as opioids. Prescription medications when taken correctly are miracles. The question is, when the drugs have served their purpose; can the individual stop taking them? If the person still feels the need to take, regardless of if there is pain or not, chances are it is some form of addiction.

The large majority can use medications with no ill affects. The percentage of those who develop an addiction to pain medications is a relatively small portion of the population. However, because of an increased exposure to prescription opiates, more and more individuals are discovering they are a part of the small percentage, and have a problem. These are individuals who wouldn't normally be subject to illicit drug use. Prescription drug addiction has been a consistent and steady rise since the late 90's. More and more drug rehabs are turning their attention to this type of addiction problem.

Opiate addiction cases primarily require some form of drug rehab. This includes a detoxification to stabilize the individual and eliminate the influence of drugs in the system. After detoxification, treatment and therapy should be utilized for the psychological and emotional elements of addiction. It is remarkable to see the human body recover from the depths of addiction. The right drug rehab program is what can make this possible. This article was provided by Cirque Lodge. Cirque Lodge is renowned as a leading alcohol and drug addiction treatment facility; nestled in the mountains of Sundance Utah.


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