Sunday, June 8, 2008

Addiction Recovery Center, Moving To North Texas

People from all of the country will be coming to our area. A new drug and alcohol addiction center is opening it's doors this fall with hopes to attract people from across the United States. Only a handful of progressive recovery centers, exist in Texas, and now one is moving into Van Alstyne. KTEN's Whitney Allen was on site and has the story.

Enterhealth, a company from Dallas is opening an addiction recovery center to meet the growing demand for progressive treatment. The program is designed to strengthen the brain, body, and soul.

Dr. Harold Urschell III, with Enterhealth says, "The patients that come to us for help and treating their specific addiction, come from all walks of life."

Enterhealth has a progressive approach which includes, cutting-edge medication therapies that treat the physical aspects of addiction, including cravings.

Dr. Urshell goes on to say, "Society views an addiction as a moral weakness or a sin. At enterhealth we view it as a disease, no different then high blood pressure."

Enterhealth's program will be personalized for each client, providing residential treatment services and outpatient support. The center can serve 14 clients. They will have 3 physicians on hand during the day, and 24 hour nurses on site.

"Our job here is to treat them as a whole person, nutrition, health, exercise, and stress management," says Dr. Urshell. On site they will also have a ropes course for team building, cooking classes, art therapy, a swimming pool, and running trails along with gym.

Dr. Urshell says, "The average length of stay will be 6 weeks and we will address multipul levels of their life."

Enterhealth says the reason they chose Van Alstyne was, because of the community and the proximaty from Dallas and Southern Oklahoma. "It's a rural and residential area for people to focus," says Dr. Urshell.


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